That’s Just Crazy Enough to Work!

It’s immensely demoralizing to come home exhausted from a trip and realize that you have a lot of stuff to do around the house. ┬áSo it’s 7 days out and we’re rushing around trying to take care of all the little things that seem like they can wait on any normal day. But you feel like they need to be done before an extended journey. Because you know, if you get burgled while you’re gone, the police are gonna be in there and the first thing they’re gonna see is all that bit of dog hair piled up in the corner of the stairs and they’re gonna think, “Well, no wonder they got robbed, look how they keep there house.” But I digress.

So anyway we’re in Brigit’s room and we’ve just finished cleaning up and Carrie tells the girls that it’s especially important that they keep their rooms clean for the next week. And I, feeling that parental urge to flog an equine fully in repose say, “So when your done playing with something you should put it back where it belongs.”

To which Brigit replied, “What!? We’ve never done that!”

2 thoughts on “That’s Just Crazy Enough to Work!”

  1. I thought I was the only one who wanted the house in perfect order before returning from a trip! I’m finally tuning it to the trip, just a month late.

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