Spring is Sooner Recognized by Plants than by Men

Up and going again today.  We walked to the Te Papa Museum.  We passed through the harbor which must, given the clarity and color of the water, never be used.  However, we did see ships there which leads me to believe that pollution in New Zealand is apparently clear.

The museum was interesting but other than the Giant Squid not better than most DC Museums.  It was free and I would like to go back and see more of the New Zealand focused exhibitions but the girls were focused on science and animals mostly.  Beth Anne did want to see the Reactive Architecture which was very interesting for the adults but not what she was thinking it would be.  After walking around for a few hours and having lunch there, we marched the girls to the cable car and took it up to the top of the city.

While we purchased a return trip, once we were up there we found that some flower prints that the girls had noticed out the window of our hotel were also at the top of the botanical garden as well. So we ate the minor cost of the return trip and walked home.  We were able to walk down and through windy paths and discover some beautiful plants.  We found a playground with interesting equipment and we stopped to let the girls play a bit.  I was again struck by the strangeness of tulips and daffodils and flowering trees and spring!!!

8 thoughts on “Spring is Sooner Recognized by Plants than by Men”

  1. You guys are my people: “Look! Botanical Gardens! Must go.” I must say it is a little weird; the leaves are starting to change here, and you’re photographing cherry blossoms. Though I do love the black and yellow tulips. They’re oddly Halloween chic!

    1. Today we drove through Gorse fields (yes fields!) and they are blooming yellow and orange and I got a little homesick. 😉

  2. Museums and libraries rock. You guys still got to come up to COSI one of these days. And hey I got a spare room now so you can stay the night.

    1. They do indeed. I wish we had more time in them this trip but outdoors is so amazing that is where we are spending most of our time.

    1. Oh wait! We have not even gotten to the South island pictures yet. I actually asked one of our tour guides that same question and he laughed at me and said he has never found anywhere that is not.

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