Cue The Smiths

The very best part of our time in Wellington was the fact that our walk home from the botanical gardens walked me past a sight I had spied out our hotel.  So the first night it looked like this and I was a bit concerned over the whole Wellington stay. 😉


The next morning I peeked again and the red light was gone.  I might add it never returned over our whole stay either.  In its place I could see the cemetery.

It looked old and interesting.  Those of you who know me well, know that I have an odd taste for getting to know a place and that includes wanting to see the local cemeteries.  This one looked right up my alley.  That was why I was so happy when I discovered that the botanical walk lead right through this cemetery to our hotel.  I was able to walk and read and take pictures.  It was unlike any cemetery I have seen.  Many graves were fenced and planted with flowers.  Many of them were hidden and not easy to get to from the paths that wound throughout.  It was truly lovely in many ways.

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  1. Hi, Great Pictures. Played catchup with them today been in PA. Love the polka dot museum. Can’t wait the hear all the stories. What kind of bird was the red one over the water? Flowers were great. Glad the girls are finally off code blue! LOL. When are you coming home? when can I send packages to huntington?

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