It’s in the Flyover

We arrived at the airport well ahead of time. Fortunately check-in went smoothly and we were at our gates in less than thirty minutes. Unfortunately, this meant that we had nearly two hours to wait before takeoff.

During this time Beth Anne busied herself taking pictures and Brigit busied herself asking “When are we going to board the plane?” Needless to say we were greatly relieved to hear “Passengers requiring special help may now begin boarding” and we pushed and shoved our way through the 350 or so other passengers only to be told that small children no longer qualifies you for special help.

After slinking our way back past the 350 or so glowering passengers, we took up our place at the back of the line and tried to avoid looking at anyone. Fortunately for us the next announcement said “United flight 437 with service to Ohio is now ready to begin boarding.” Hearing this, Beth Anne asked, “Who would want to fly to Ohio?” and we were instantly redeemed (at least to everyone within earshot).

One thought on “It’s in the Flyover”

  1. By the way, Beth Anne’s question was intended in all sincerity. Perhaps she had forgotten the 10 hour trip to DC we had just taken.

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