“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.”*

We walked from the hotel to town center to get the bus for the next in our many cruises in NZ. This one was one that Beth Anne has been anxiously awaiting. Its purpose was to try and see Hector’s dolphins. These dolphins are quite rare and we were luck enough to get to see two sets. One of them was quite playful and playing in under the bow of the boat. Poor Joe was up top taking pictures of another set much farther off the back of the ship and wondering what the tour guide was talking about and why everyone was clustered about the bow.

On our way to the boat as we were talking to the bus driver we discovered that he also drove a bus later that evening to WillowBrook. We were booked to have dinner and another Kiwi Encounter there. He told us that we could get a free ride, but we would have to come back from the boat tour and be ready to go in about 45 minutes. We did not have our voucher and because of the very strict drink driving laws here and the fact that we had already been in one checkpoint we decided that free bus was worth a quick cab back to the hotel. So we got off the bus and grabbed a cab. We got our voucher, grabbed a quick change of shoes and returned to town center only to discover that we did not qualify for the free bus. It was $30 for the bus or we could take in the Maori show and ride for free. We decided we would decide when we found out how much extra the show was. $48 was the amount; per person. Since we had seen a show already we decide to just shell out for the ride. We had a nice dinner and then headed off for the Kiwi encounter. It was not good. It was rushed and not nearly as informative as the one at Rainbow Springs. Even the girls commented that the only goof part was getting to see more Kiwis. Live and learn, live and learn.

*A Maori proverb

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