Jolly Good Effort

We were supposed to go to the Banks Peninsula today. It was an hour and a half drive to look around with no planned activities. So we decided not to go since we had not seen any of the city and to just hang in Christchurch for the day. We spent the morning getting caught up on school work which is a huge pain and I completely remember why I do not home school.

Then we used our passes to the local Highlands Museum in Ashland KY, to go to the local science museum, Science Alive! We used the free bus shuttle to get around the city. The girls had a great time and got to do the 5.3 meter vertical slide and the human gyroscope and a climbing wall so with just that the day was a success.

Toward the end of the afternoon, I was in the lower gallery trying to figure out a logic puzzle.  It had to do with lining up pegs so that none of them connected to another.  As I was working through it a boy about Beth Anne’s age came up.  I was trying to be systematic and there were still pegs that lined up.  In a very British accent (Yes I am beginning to be able to tell them apart a bit) he began to tell me that I was “incorrect”  and “Well, no that is not right either.”  Figuring he was old enough to know better and should know to be a bit patience, I finally sighed and looked at him and suggested that “perhaps you should try since you seem to know how to do it.” Completely missing the sarcasm, he replied “Well, I can give it a jolly good effort.  I can’t guarantee it will be 100% correct however.” Now read that again in your best Monty Python imitating a British colonel voice.   Joe and I almost fell over trying not to laugh at the kid.

After we took the shuttle to city center and Brigit used her +4 cuteness against Papas to convince him of the necessity of bungee trampolining. After wandering back to the hotel while looking for a restaurant recommended to us, which Beth Anne noticed and pointed out with a very generic “There’s a restaurant.” while pointing to about a half dozen cafes. Of course, we ignored her since she had been declaring starvation for the past 20 minutes. So finally back to our hotel we found a great Thai place and gorged on Pad Thai and Chicken Satay.

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