And Yes I Came Too

Our trip began long before we even got on the airplane. On Friday I ran the errands one needs to before leaving on a trip multiplied, of course, since our trip is so long. By 5 PM I still had very little in suitcases, so I did what anyone would do, went out to sushi and hibachi for dinner with Uncle Dwight and the Lavender family. Then, of course, I went straight home and packed, right? Nope, ice cream at Coldstone Creamery. Finally we got home and I began packing in earnest. The regulations about what you can bring made me nuts. I pack a certain way and I could not do it as some things have to be packed in checked bags and some need to be carried on in case the checked bags do not arrive. So while we only checked 3 suitcases, we traipsed through the airport with 7 carry-ons. We spent a good deal of time counting carry-ons to make sure we did not leave any behind.

Leaving Huntington

Since I stayed up until 4 am packing, leaving 1 hour past schedule was a major accomplishment. We drove with the dog to Joe’s brother’s house. Ruby is a great traveler, much better than expected. Well, except for the throwing up. We spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mike, Cheryle and Taylor. On Sunday we went to a pick-your-own farm which in retrospect we probably should not have done, since it meant that we had to go through a special line at customs in New Zealand. Also, should you ever pick apples with small children, you might need to limit the number that each of them can pick or you might end up with 27 pounds of apples.

On Monday morning we got up and went to Joe’s father’s house. In a surprising turn of events, I made 2 apple pies. 🙂 Joe helped out with some tree trimming. The next day Joe’s dad was nice enough to drive us to the airport, where our 25 hour adventure began.

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