Just in Time

Got the image rotator working and even managed to load a few of the many, many pictures that Beth Anne has taken in the three days since our journey began.

4 thoughts on “Just in Time”

    1. Heh, thanks, I think I got it now. The problem arose from how the theme assembles the pages. The overall theme is very highly customizable and gives you lots of options and settings to play with. Unfortunately all these options mean a lot of extra PHP when the page gets assembled. (And also unfortunately it is a tabled layout.) I was trying to void mucking around in it and so I set up the positioning for that element in a static style sheet – while the header image is handled in the PHP. The #polaroidimage and the #imagecontainer that holds the header image end up as siblings which makes positioning a bitch. And then you have to get it to work in IE…

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