The Highs and Lows of Kiakoura

Today was one of the days that I had been waiting for since the early stages of planning this trip. I have always wanted to see whales and we were going to head out into the open Pacific ocean and hope to see them. We were up early, not 5 am, but early. We got to the Whaleway Station to catch our bus. And yes that was what it was called. We arrived to find that there was a seasick warning for our scheduled cruise. We asked about a later one and were told that it would only get worse not better. So we decided to risk it and head out. We did not know or perhaps understand how bad it was going to be. 1.5 to 2 meter swells are not something to take lightly. Initially we were all laughing at the boat’s ups and downs but for Brigit that soon changed. She was beginning to turn green. Now you might have noted that we have had a cold issue. But if you know anything about motion sickness you might know that cooling down your body temperature helps a great deal. Also being outside helps a great deal. Neither of which Brigit was inclined to do. This boat was restrictive about when you could go outside and there were others would were beginning to get sick around us. In a loud way, if you get my meaning. So now, Brigit is green and I am beginning to turn and I am trying to carry her, unwillingly, outside on to the deck in 1.5 meter swells. This is not fun. I spent the next 30-45 minutes huddled with her outside waiting for the medicine to take effect. And it did, Brigit passed out standing up, leaning on me.

Now while all this is going on Joe and Beth Anne, who are also a bit queasy, but better than Brigit and I, are looking for a whale. Finally they spotted it, a sperm whale. They both got a really good look and some OK pictures. I did get to see it but not for long. They also got to see a seal feeding in the sea and battling with sea birds for a barracuda.

After returning to land everyone perked up almost instantly and we went to lunch and the grocery and back to the hotel. Then we headed out to the beach again. The girls lasted about 5 minutes before their shoes, socks, and leggings were off and they were in the water. They ran in and out and got wet up to their waists and still complained about going home even thought they were blue and shivering.

Back at the apartment we ran into a lovely older couple who wanted to know where we were from and we spent the better part of an hour comparing travel stories about them in the USA and us in NZ. They were nice people, sort of beginning to be an expectation of Kiwis at this point.

After a yummy lamb chop dinner we packed up for our trip to Christchurch tomorrow.

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    1. Sort of. It turns out that the weekend we were there was also the weekend of annual Seafood fest which is something like spring break. For some reason I thought of you when I took that picture. Then when the flock walked by, I mentioned that he was outnumbered. He expressed some optimism about getting herded later.

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