“Glaciers are delicate and individual things, like humans. Instability is built into them.”

We headed out from Christchurch to Lake Tepako.  I was not sure what I was expecting but the beauty of this lake was far beyond anything so far that that is saying a lot.

As Joe mentioned there were no stars but the view of the lake made it worth every second of the travel to get there.

The next day we were up and out fairly early because we had to be at Mt. Cook for a glacier boat ride.  It was here that those coats and hats and gloves came in handy again.  I am not sure what I was thinking when I read glacier lake boat tour and thought “It will be Spring, light jackets are fine!” In case you were unsure, glaciers are cold.  And whipping around on a glacial lake in a jet boat is wicked cold! But no cold enough to keep Brigit awake.  Brigit is a car sleeper.  You put her in a car and sooner rather than later she will be asleep.  On this trip I have discovered it is any vehicle, including jet boats on glacial lakes.

This was the first time Joe and I began joking about “Another Day, Another Vista”  and “All the Weird Fresh Air.”  Case in point, we were driving to Mt. Cook with views like this:

Traveling to Mt. Cook, Around every Turn

And in the backseat of the car, this is what was happening behind the driver:

Beth Anne reading her Kindle

And behind the passenger:

Brigit on her DS Lite

When asked to look out the window, Beth Anne’s response was a non-committal “Yah, that’s pretty.”

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